Here are the links to a number of utilities we use on our live courses:


Text Share

This runs a small program on your virtual machine which makes it easier for the trainer to provide you with text that you can then copy and paste.

Couse Clock

This web page allows you to see the current time in selected timezones, to help work out the time differences for instructors and students. You can add in "events" such as lunch and coffee breaks.


Payment Gateway

This is an application that provides a REST server, simulating a system that records payments made by customers for a service. It is used to allow courses to practice building applications that make outgoing REST requests.


Curl Generator

This is a web page which can be used to generate CURL commands



This is an application which makes it easier to connect to and work with SQL databases. The link is to a simple batch file which will silently install and then run the software . The main software can be found here:



Currently available self evaluations

Please only complete one of these if you are asked to by your trainer!